Voices from the class rooms

  • Lars Peter Tolsgaard
  • Reading councillor
  • Gammelgaardskolen

“For a lot of our students it pushes to some things. It has an influence on their reading speed and fluidity and it has an influence on how they approach reading, especially academical material."

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  • Jakob Petersen
  • Learning consultant
  • Løkkefondens DrengeAkademi

“What motivated the boys a lot about FrontRead was this element of competing with yourself. It is a good gamification of fundamental skills that they can transfer into their regular classes afterwards.”

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  • Janne Møller Nielsen
  • Teacher and study councillor
  • Tilst Skole

"After we finished with FrontRead we took the obligatory reading test for text comprehension. The countries average comprehension for 6th grade is 96,4%. Every student in our class placed above that."

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  • Marlene Wædeled
  • Teacher
  • Langeskov Skole

“My students went from a grade average of D to an average of C after just 18 lessons using FrontRead”

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  • Hanne Bonde
  • Teacher at Ressourcenter Slusen
  • Overbygningsskolen - Tønder Distriktsskole

”You don’t need to comprehend every word to get the gist of a text. In fact, it is enough to understand about 60-80% of the text to get the information you need out of it. It is the individual techniques the student is exposed to, that helps them become a faster reader.”

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  • Helle Behr
  • Coordinator at Ressourcecenter Slusen
  • Overbygningsskolen - Tønder Distriktsskole

“We constantly demand more and more from young people continuing their education, so we have to prepare them properly, so they are able to manage the amount of reading required."

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