You can reach our support during our opening hours every Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm at +45 2682 1500. Alternatively feel free to send us an email by writing to If you contact us, please have the following information at hand to make it easier for the support to assist you:

  • Are you using a Chromebook, iPad or PC?
  • What operating system did the problem occur in (Windows, iOS etc.)
  • At what time during the day did you encounter the problem?

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Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find our frequently asked question and the solution to each one. If you still have a problem after trying the solution listed below, we encourage you to contact us by writing or calling.

”The app lists my students WPM as 5000.”
If the FrontRead app places the WPM (word per minute) at 5000 it is because the start test was finished too quickly. This can be caused by several things, for example, if the student clicks through the test without reading it and afterward guessed the answers. The solution is to retake the start test and go through it at a steady pace similar to your regular reading speed.

"My password doesn't function.”
We recommend that you take a hold of the person or persons responsible for running the course at your school and check if your password matches the one provided to the school by FrontRead. If he/she doesn't have it, call us, and we'll figure out a solution for you.

"The language in the texts is too hard/easy for my students. They feel too challenged/don't feel challenged enough. 
FrontRead comes with different text packages aimed at different age groups based on a LIX readability difficulty. If you feel that your student isn't challenged enough, or that a text is too hard for a particular student, then maybe they have received a different text package than the one intended for their age group. The text package for each individual student can be changed in the administration. Please note that if you change a text package, you'll reset the students progress.

”I wish to change a students text package. How do I do that?”
You change an individual students text package by finding the student in the [HOLD] and clicking on edit in the right side of the screen. Please note that you change the text package, you'll reset any progress the student has already made.

"The data between app and partner doesn't correlate?"
At first, you should make sure you do not read the numbers wrong. If you experience, that a course is listed as not completed in the administration, then it may be caused by individual exercises in a module that was skipped earlier. Every level needs to read as green (and thus done) before a module is listed as completed and is marked as such with a black dot in the administration.

”How do I adjust the app so it is usable by dyslexic students?”
FrontRead wasn't designed for dyslexic students. We did, however, create a special version that skips some of the more heavy text exercises. Contact our support if you want to know more about this special version of FrontRead.

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