You can reach our support during our opening hours every Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm at +45 2682 1500. Alternatively feel free to send us an email by writing to If you contact us, please have the following information at hand to make it easier for the support to assist you:

  • Are you using a Chromebook, iPad or PC?
  • What operating system did the problem occur in (Windows, iOS etc.)
  • At what time during the day did you encounter the problem?

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Technical requirements for using FrontRead

FrontRead can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile phone - regardless of manufacturer.

FrontRead requires internet access. This means that the device used for the training needs a constant internet connection to function.

FrontRead supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (pre-installed on Mac). Please note that Safari does not work on the first-generation iPad. On these devices, we recommend using Google Chrome instead.
  • Microsoft Edge (pre-installed on Windows PC's)
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Other browsers might also work, but FrontRead does not guarantee this and hasn't tested it. We always recommend using the latest version of your browser of choice.

When using Google Chrome or Safari, FrontRead can be installed as a PWA (Progressive Web App). This can be done directly from the browser when on the FrontRead login page. PWA provides a more distraction-free environment which can be beneficial for school use.

If your network uses web filtering, make sure the following sites are accessible:



Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find our frequently asked question and the solution to each one. If you still have a problem after trying the solution listed below, we encourage you to contact us by writing or calling.

”The programme shows that my student is reading at an unrealistically high speed in the Start Test.”
If the app detects an unrealistically high reading speed for your student in the Start Test, it might be that the student is scrolling through the text without reading it and then guesses the answers. The solution is for the student to retake the Start Test at a pace that matches their normal reading speed.

"My password doesn't work.”
As a teacher you can reset your password on our login page. You will receive a link via email to choose a new password. If your students have forgotten their password, you can give them a new password in their student profile.

"The language in the texts is too hard/easy for my students. They feel too challenged/don't feel challenged enough. 
FrontRead includes different text packages aimed at different age groups based on a LIX readability difficulty. If you feel that your student isn't challenged enough, or that a text is too hard for a particular student, you can change the text package for each individual student in the administration. Please note that if you change a text package, you'll reset the students progress and they will need to start a new training course. therefore it is important to consider before starting the training when you set up the profiles, if you have an indication if some students might need a higher or lower text package than the class level.

”I wish to change a students text package. How do I do that?”
You change an individual students text package by finding the student in the your class overview list and clicking on "edit" in the right side of the page and choose another text package in the dropdown menu. Please note that you change the text package, you'll reset any progress the student has already made.

”How do I adjust the app so it is usable by dyslexic students?”
FrontRead offers a specific text-to-speech function that was designed for dyslexic students.
For lower degrees of dyslexia we moreover offer an open course where students have the option to skip some of the more heavy text exercises. Contact us in case you would like to hear more.

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