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Tilst School

FrontRead visited Tilst School in Aarhus to find out how FrontRead has been helping their students. 

Summer spent with FrontRead

DrengeAkademiet – a summer school for students, predominately boys who are struggling in class – has been able to show some good results by using FrontRead.

And many more

Our customer section is regularly updated with videos from schools and educational institutions around the country. 


150,000 students on more than 800 schools

FrontRead is the unique online training course, that improves the reading speed and comprehension as well as helping to develop better reading strategies for each individual student. FrontRead is usable by all types of educational institutions. View a selection of our partners here.


Municipal primary and lower secondary schools

Private schools

General and vocational upper secondary education


Experience an improvement by the end of your trial period

The FrontRead application is developed based on 25 years of extensive research about reading and learning. Our methods and app have been developed with a basis in recognized theories and studies within fields such as peripheral reading, eye span, and our working memory.

A typical course runs for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times weekly, over 8-10 weeks. You'll be able to feel and experience improvements after only a short while. By repeating the course regularly you maintain your competency and will actually be able to improve yourself further.

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