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Increase your reading fluency

If you read just one more letter at a time, you can increase your reading speed by on average 50%. Your brain can do more than you think and by pushing yourself a bit you can develop yourself. FrontRead is your personal fitness centre for your brain and eye.

Are you considering further education or training? Maybe you often sit at your place of education with long and heavy texts that seem insurmountable? Or maybe you just want to give your daily reading a boost? No matter the reason, FrontRead can help.


Improve your fluency

“FrontRead presents you with several methods and exercises that will improve your reading fluency regardless of whether you read academic literature or a novel. The skills you acquire will increase the joy you receive from reading.

With FrontRead you'll learn:

  • How to overcome the increasing amount of written information
  • How to read both specialised literature and novels faster
  • How to avoid having to read the same passages multiple times because you lose your focus
  • How to avoid spending too much personal time on reading material from work or school

Achieve results as soon as the first day of training

FrontRead's application is developed based on 25 years of extensive knowledge about reading and learning. Our methods and app have been developed with a basis in recognized theories and studies within fields such as: Peripheral reading, eye span, and our working memory.

A typical course runs 20-30 minutes twice a week over eight weeks, and you'll already be able to feel and experience improvements after a short while. By repeating the course regularly you maintain your competency and will actually be able to improve yourself further.

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