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Follow Your Students' Reading Development

In the teacher's administration module, you can follow your students’ individual development.

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Effective Reading Strategies for Everyone

The program trains your students’ reading techniques and text comprehension.

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Differentiated Teaching

FrontRead challenges the individual student at the students' level.

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Focus on Reading Speed and Comprehension

Increased reading speed provides better concentration and thus a greater text comprehension.

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Exercise Strengthens Reading

FrontRead's many exercises strengthen your primary reading skills.

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Text Packages for All Grade Levels

From 3rd grade up to and including higher education. The program is also available in German, English, and Norwegian.

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Easy to Understand

FrontRead is intuitive and easy to use.
Both you and your students get underway quickly with the program.

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Increase the Joy of Reading

Training with FrontRead makes you want to read books.

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FrontRead Develops Strong Readers

The program prepares students for the complicated texts and reading material they encounter in their studies and future work.

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Increase your reading speed by more than 63%

More than 250,000 students on 1.500 schools

More than 800 texts spread out over 4 languages

Do you want to use FrontRead in your class like 1.500 other schools?

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