Extensive knowledge in a modern digital package

FrontRead's unique reading training solution is developed based on current reading theory and evidence-based learning approaches and methods – and Merete B. Riedels more than 25 years of extensive research about reading and learning, as well as experience with teaching reading fluidity in more than 10,000 people. FrontRead continues methods and theories of education built up through these experiences as well as studies and research about reading and learning. This training is now implemented in a modern digital package.

FrontRead is a combination of physical training of the eye, training of the brains ability to recognize patterns, lowering regression and an increased awareness of the reading process. Together these elements affect and optimize our daily reading – both analogue and digital - no matter the language you are reading.

When you train with FrontRead, your reading fluency and text comprehension increases and you'll be better at reading, be it academical texts or fiction. Throughout the course, you can adapt the app to your individual needs and your reading abilities. That way it will never be too hard or too easy for you - meaning that you'll constantly find yourself challenged by the app, so you can develop yourself as a reader.

When you start a FrontRead course for the first time, you begin by taking a test that defines the starting point of your individual training. 

To increase your reading fluency and become a more conscious reader, you'll train how to:

  • Fixate faster
  • Widen your field of vision - take in more words at a time and extract the context
  • Increase your working memory and thus your concentration
  • Read faster

The program also helps you learn: 

  • How we extract new knowledge or a reformed opinion when we read a text
  • How we start to heighten our expectations to the content and context of the material we are about to read
  • What expectations we have when we read a text for the first time

Train your reading strategies

A FrontRead course ensures you better opportunities to dive into the massive flow of information you meet every day of the week. Our focus especially rests with schools, so that the students will be given the right tools and methods from an early age, and won't have to alter or throw away old teaching and outdated techniques later in life to replace them with new and better methods.

The result of the training is that you understand and remember more of what you've read and that you become better at sorting the information flow. At the same time, you'll acquire new and better reading strategies that will make you able to go through your reading more efficiently. After you learn how to use these new techniques you'll find that it will be more fun, faster and easier to read on both paper and on screen.