hold pause og integrer principperne

How to integrate reading principles during breaks

In connection with a FrontRead course, we often recommend taking a break from training in FrontRead, as this break can help students benefit from the course by working on integrating the reading principles.

In most courses, it makes sense to take a break after the second intermediate test. Typically, the break will last for 2 weeks. The break offers an opportunity to integrate the principles from the FrontRead training into the reading that the students do on a daily basis.

But what exactly are those principles?

  • Preunderstanding. During the training course, students have worked on utilising their preunderstanding by skimming and viewing questions and then reflecting on what awaits them in the text they are about to read. This principle is ideal for transferring to the general reading of texts in the classroom, so that students realise how leaning on their preunderstanding helps them understand the text and read it more effectively.
  • Reading speed aids. Maintaining reading speed doesn’t have to be limited to classes. By introducing the students to a reading aid or technique they can practise whenever they read. In analogue reading, this can be a speed map, a pencil, a finger or similar to help maintain reading speed. The analogue reading aid is placed over the lines and pushed downwards over the text, forcing the eyes to search forward in the text and avoiding skipping backwards in the text. On the screen, you can use the cursor as a reading aid. You can place it either on the left or right side of the margin.

During the break from the training course, students will hopefully become more aware of how to implement the new, learnt reading strategies and principles in general reading in the classroom. This will make the transfer value of the training more noticeable and impactful at this point. After the two-week break, you are ready to continue working in the FrontRead program and train reading speed and text comprehension to an even higher level.

In the teacher’s guide, you can find even more tips on how to make the most of the breaks in training.

Have fun integrating the principles!