Students went from a grade average of D to C

At Langeskov Skole in Kerteminde they have achieved impressive results with FrontRead.

“My students went from a grade average of D to an average of C after just 18 lessons using FrontRead,” Marlene Wædeled, a teacher at Langeskov Skole and educational consultant in Danish at Kerteminde Municipality said during an interview with the Danish paper Fyens Stiftstidende. The paper visited the school to see FrontRead in action during a lesson in her 8th grade.

Back in 2016 the school functioned as a test pilot for Kerteminde Municipality, testing whether FrontRead was a tool that should be implemented. The results were so positive, that Kerteminde Municipality went and procured FrontRead for every school inside the municipality. Meaning that today FrontRead is available to every school in Kerteminde.

Fun reading

Langeskov Skole continues using the program themselves after the test. Today they use FrontRead with the intent of improving their students in every subject – not just Danish. And it works.

”They think it is a completely different and much more fun way to work with reading .”

The results the students have achieved through the program will find their use for the first time when the students take their final examinations. Among other things the students will face a readability test, were extra focus is lain on the students reading fluidity and text comprehension. And that is exactly the kind of situation where the methods the students obtain through FrontRead will shine, Marlene Wædeled thinks.

”The program is meant to be something that can support the teachings, and they work well as a supplement to the national tests and finals.”


Do your school need FrontRead as well?