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150,000 people read more efficiently after a FrontRead course

In the modern work environment, it is sometimes necessary to quickly familiarize oneself with a steadily increasing amount of written material. This is why we all need to become more efficient readers.

FrontRead is a unique online training course, that improves reading speed and comprehension as well as helping to develop better reading strategies for each individual person. The course includes four effective exercises that train and strengthen the eye and brain, providing the groundwork for an improved reading speed and comprehension. No matter the starting point, every participant experiences an increase in fluency and increased understanding of the content by more than 50%.

Efficiency and employee satisfaction

With FrontRead, you and your colleagues strengthen your reading abilities and become acquainted with tried and tested reading methods for use in day to day work situations. The app has a modern and intuitive design that makes it approachable and easy to use, and helps improve your fluency markedly.

Your employees become more efficient readers which in turn frees up time that can be used for guiding and assisting potential clients or helps improve work efficiency elsewhere in your business. All things that provide a stronger result - both for the individual employee and for the company. Retraining also improves employee satisfaction, and motivated employees are, as we know, an important prerequisite for a business' overall success.

See results after just a few weeks of training

The FrontRead application is developed based on 25 years of “extensive research about reading and learning. Our methods and app have been developed with a basis in recognized theories and studies within fields such as peripheral reading, eye span, and our working memory.

A typical course runs for 20-30 minutes twice weekly, over six weeks. You'll be able to feel and experience improvements after only a short while. By repeating the course regularly you maintain your competency and will actually be able to improve yourself further.

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