Try the reading test and find your reading speed

When starting a reading course with your students, it’s a great help to know their current reading speed. While you might have a general idea about each student’s level, our reading test can help you pinpoint their exact speed in relation to the expected, age-appropriate reading level.

In this way, the reading test is also a great assessment tool to use multiple times throughout the school year. With the test results, you can get an overview of whether your students are developing according to plan.

The reading test as a starting point

Last but not least, you can use the reading test as a starting point for the FrontRead training course with your class. The students’ results from the reading test give you the best conditions to assign each student the right text package that suits their needs and abilities. In this way, the reading training fulfils the requirement that the student is challenged within the zone of proximal development and thus gets the best conditions for development.

You can find the reading test here.