Free FrontRead courses during the Covid-19 school lock-down

We've made a guide that can help your school to continue the education during the quarantine.

During during the Covid-19 school lock-down, your school can get free access to FrontRead's training program. Even if you do not have FrontRead at your school already.

Simply fill out the form below. You will then receive a confirmation as soon as you have access to FrontRead. There is no future purchase or other commitment associated with this offer.

As a standard, you will get access for 4 weeks, but you can use the program as long as the Covid-19 school lock-down is on.

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Useful tools for distance learning

Even though you and your students sit at home, it's not impossible to continue their studies.

This Quick Start Guide gives you everything you need to start right away.

As you have full access to FrontRead, you of course also have full access to FrontRead's support. Send any questions or comments to

Create an online classroom and continue teaching at a distance

If you use Microsoft or Google at your school, you can use their services for distance learning.


One of the services available to you is Microsoft Teams. With this service you can set up video calls with all your students, allowing you to continue teaching online. You can also send files to each other, co-write documents and chat together.

If your school does not already have access to Microsoft, you can sign up for the school for free. Read more and register here »


Another service is Google Classroom, which allows you to create teams, distribute tasks, provide grades, and send feedback. Follow the link to create a classroom right away.

You can also use Hangouts Meet to make video and group calls with students. Google has made their various features freely available until July. Read more here »

Google Classroom and Hangouts Meet are included if the school is enrolled to G Suite for Education, if not you can sign up by following the link.

Feedback to your students while you are in quarantine

Although you will be unable to provide your students with direct feedback in class, there is always the option of offering feedback through Microsoft or Google's services.

Get free access to FrontRead during the Covid-19 school lock-down

FrontRead is the unique online training course, that improves the reading speed and comprehension as well as helping to develop better reading strategies for each individual student. FrontRead is usable by all types of educational institutions.

With FrontRead you train:

  • Better focus
  • Expand the eye's visual span - read more words at a time
  • Train your working memory and concentration
  • Quicker readingflow

Do you want free access to FrontRead for your school? Click the button and fill out the form on the following page and we will get back to you shortly.